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Since 1994, our medical center has been a key part of Armenia’s medical cardiology field spearheaded by leading cardio surgeonHrair (Hagop) Hovaguimian from the famous American Albert Starr Academic Center, who helped to establish “ Nork-Marash Medical Center ”.
“Nork-Marash Medical Center” during its existence of quarter of a century became a professional fruitful forge in the sphere of cardiosurgery and intervention surgery, spreading wholly its resources in knowledge and experience before the physicians and nurses, craving for knowledge. At present, a score of professionals, honored by the title of graduation of this school successfully work in famous center both of Armenia and abroad.
Today it is one of the largest centers in Transcaucasian region. More than 20 000 patients with heart diseases are surveyed annually in our center and more than 500 surgical operations and 1000 stenting procedures are performed here.
We render emergency, planned, outpatient, in-patient, and dispensary medical aid to children and adults suffering from various cardiovascular diseases. In fact, children between the ages of 0-7 are provided with medical care free of charge, as a result of connections to the Armenian Ministry of Healthcare.
During the years of its existence, the Center has become a complete, highly skilled, versatile, single-industry medical center, which is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment to perform operations on the heart of all degrees of complexity.
Our motto is to protect patient’s health and provide care and comfort.
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Miqael Adamyan
NMMC Director

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