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We have received many questions from patients by e-mail. In this section we would like to introduce you to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is your center located?

Our Center is located in Yerevan, district - Nork. Address: Yerevan 0047, Nork, Armenakyan 13

  • Can you consult patient without his/her presence of the patient, not an Armenian citizen?

Yes, we consult by correspondence. To do this you need to send your existing medical records (information) by e-mail or fax.

  • Can I get a second opinion in your Center?

Yes, of course, in our center you can get a second opinion of our experts.

  • Can I get an appointment in the clinic without an entry to the clinic?

Pre-registration allows you to avoid queues, save your time and nerves. You can make an appointment by phone: 37 410 65 58 20 or 65 43 95, explaining the patient's condition.

  • Can the patient choose a doctor himself?

Yes, of course. We take into account the desire of patient.

  • Do you meet foreign patients at the airport?

Yes, patients tell us the date of their arrival and the flight number, based on the appointment of part-time consultation.

  • If a foreign patient cones to the clinic him/herself how he will stay at the clinic?

For these patients we provide a nurse, who stays with the patient during his stay in the hospital.

  • Do you conduct a study of the fetal heart in pregnant women? If so, when?

Yes, the Center is carries out utero fetal cardiac ultrasound examination during pregnancy, not later than 17-19 weeks in the Pediatric Clinic.

  • Do you take any patients who have an insurance policy?

We cooperate with the leading Insurance Companies of Armenia and international organizations. To be more exact, you can contact the Department of Finance Consultation: +37410 65 59 22.

  • Do you spend coronary stenting?

Yes, we perform such a coronary stenting coronary artery, as  branches of the pulmonary artery, coarctation of the aorta, etc.

  • How long does the patient stay in hospital after stenting?

After stenting the patient stays in hospital for 1-2 days with no complications.

  • Can I hold you angiography? And for how long does the patient remain in hospital after coronary angiography?

Yes, after a survey if necessary you can have coronary angiography at our center. After coronary angiography the patient is discharged home the same or the next day.

  • What are the most common operations performed in the Center?

Adult patients often spend coronary artery bypass grafting, and the children - ventricular septal defect and Tetralogy of Fallot.

  • What is the statistics of survival after surgery?

The survival rate after cardiac surgery in NMMC has an average of 96.2%.

  • Can you carry out heart surgery on a newborn or to wait until a certain age? If so, to when?

Heart surgery in our center is performed according to the testimony, irrespective of the patient age. There are cases of severe congenital heart disease, when surgery is indicated in the first days of life.

  • Does your clinic do operations for a heart transplant?

In our Centre we carry out various operations on the heart and great vessels except transplantation.

  • What conditions are provided in the wards?

All rooms of cardiac surgery department are equipped with monitors and have all the conditions of life for a comfortable stay.

  • How long does the operated patient stay in the intensive care unit?

In the absence of possible complications the patient usually stays in the ICU about two or three days

  • How long is the patient in hospital after surgery?

In the absence of possible complications the patient`s average stay in the hospital is 7-14 days.

  • Who can be located together with the patient and how long?

Visits are allowed in the intensive care unit and in the cardiac unit next to the patient .Time of visits should be limited.

  • In what currency is the cost of surgery paid?

Payment for the transaction is conducted in AMD or in cash to the account.

  • How many interventions do you spend in the year?

There are about 850 cardiac interventions / cardiac surgery /.

  • Do you use other treatments in addition to open heart surgery?

In the treatment of some congenital and acquired heart defects bloodless methods for closing defects with the help of special devices are used: balloon dilatation of narrowed blood vessels and valves, and hybrid operation.

  • Do you conduct treatment of congenital heart disease?

Yes, the treatment of congenital heart disease in our center is invasive and surgical.


0047, A. Armenakyan, 13, Yerevan, Armenia.

Reception : +374-10-655930
Fax : +374-10-653869