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What will  remember  the patient?
-First of all- the patient will remember the friendly and caring attitude of the medical staff who will do their best for the patient’s full and fast recovery.
- Hospital comfort , single comfortable chambers.
- Accessible information to the patient about the patient’s health, provided.
- Ability to organize consultations with doctors in every field in the period when the patient    is in hospital
The patient’s stay  in hospital depends on the received treatment:
• Selective coronary angiography - a day.
• Interventional cardiology, angioplasty and stenting - 5 days.
• bypass surgery (see Communicable Disease), treatment of heart diseases (see Memo to parents), and aortic valve replacement - about 14 days.

NMMC Staff  do the best to create most favorable conditions during the patient’s hospital stay.

Besides quality of medical care due attention is paid to the patient’s psychological state. Courtesy and sensitivity, compassion and warmth of the staff contribute to  the patient’s full recovery.

We are always eager to give as detailed information as possible about the pecularities of the patient’s disease, the course of treatment, the expected  outcome and the potential risks.
In order to provide comfort and manage the difficulties inevitably experienced by foreigners the department of International relations of NMMC organizes personal and group services,, including remote consultation and coordination / by phone, email, fax /, if necessary - hotel  reservation / booking /, transportation from the airport, meals, etc. If needed, specially trained nurses may provide individual care.

You can contact us, both in case your physician’s recommendation and on your own.

Remember : Our motto is to protect patient’s health and provide care and comfort.


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