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Welcome to Nork - Marash Medical Center

Today it is one of the largest center in the Transcaucasian region. More than 14 000 patients with heart diseases are surveyed annually in our center and more than 800 surgical operations are performed here.

Every year not only the quantity of the patients increases, but also the geography of foreign patients extends who apply to our Center for medical assistance.

We render urgent and planned, out-patient and in-patient, and also dispensary medical aid to children and adults suffering from various cardiovascular diseases. During the years of its existence, the Center has become a complete, highly skilled, versatile, single-industry medical center which is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment to perform operations on the heart of all degrees of complexity.


0047, A. Armenakyan, 13, Yerevan, Armenia.

Reception : +374-10-655930
Fax : +374-10-653869